Secure users from work order status


In the manufacturing work order process (P48013) there is a field to update the work order status. We would like to restrict some users in which they can only modify this status up to 95 (Manufacturing complete). Status' after 95 we want to restrict modification to only the Financial users.
Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this? I did not see anything in the processing options allowing this type of restriction.

JDE OneWorld XE - SP13
MS SQL 7.0 - SP2
Intel NT 4.0 - SP6A

JDE OneWorld Xe
NT 4.0
SQL 7.0


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Try row security against the StatusCodeWO (SRST) so those users/groups can't
see past 95.
From Value: value after 95
To Value: highest value
Add, Change, Delete = N, View = Y?


You could use ROW SECURITY on work orders to restrict certain users from
modifying WO which are past a particular status.