Secondary alpha name and secondary mailing name


Hi list
I have a question regarding 2 fields in the P01012 (Address Book) which
show in the forms design but do not show on the users screens. These
fields are secondary alpha name ALP1 (shows in forms design on the
Address Book tab) and secondary mailing name MLN1 (shows in forms design=

on the Mailing tab). I have had a look in the vocab o/r for P01012 to
check that the fields are visible and they are both 1 - visible. Does
anyway know how I can turn the display on for these fields on the
Thanks for your help.
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Bernadette Vella
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At first, you have fogotten to attach your OneWorld release level (and the other sys conf info).
I suppose, you use B733 or later because earlier releases used P0101 appl as Address Book instead of P01012.

In response to your quetion (explored on XE):
These two fields are Shown or Hided in an If/Else statement starting in line 61 of the Post Dialog is Initialized form event.
(NOTE: the Code, Event and/or Line Position could be different on your site depending on your OW release level and/or applied PaperFixes, ESUs!)
The IF is based on Language Type which is determined via a BSFN call in the previous line. Please, see the copied ER lines below.
0060 Language Type Editing
SL LanguagePreference -> szLanguagePreference
VA frm_LangType <- cLanguageType
0061 If VA frm_LangType is equal to "1"
0062 Show Control(FC Secondary Alpha Name)
0063 Show Control(FC Secondary Mailing Name)
0064 Else
0065 Hide Control(FC Secondary Alpha Name)
0066 Hide Control(FC Secondary Mailing Name)
0067 End If
Unfortunately the BSFN is undocumented (attached Business Function Notes does not exist at my site), so I can not tell you how does determine the Language Type based on Language Preference. I can just try to guess: does it mean "double-byte" or not?

Hope, could be some of help.


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
Excuse me, just an addition.
My guess was right. I investigated a bit the mentinoned BSFN (B9800002.c source) an I have found the following:
/* Return a '1' for double byte language if it's of type '3' or '2' */
if ( (dsX0005.szSpecialHandlingCode[0] == '3' ) ||
(dsX0005.szSpecialHandlingCode[0] == '2' ) )
lpDS->cLanguageType = '1';
It means, that it returnes with value 1 when the language is "double-byte" language, closer when the row of Language Preference Code (UDC: 01/LP) containes 2 or 3 in the Special Handling Code field.


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)