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Searching for UBE versions that run in a specified job queue

Nick Lanese

Good day. I am looking for some guidance on how to identify UBE versions that do not run in the default queue. That is to say, UBE versions which have a job queue specified in their code other than DEFAULT (or in our case QBATCH). Please see the attached PDF for a screenshot. I have searched this site's forums and did not find any postings which mentioned where this data was stored (though someone did say it was in a BLOB).

I am running 8.11 base, with toolset on NT servers (we migrated from Xe running on the AS/400). We have some versions which were specified to run in the QPGMR queue and I am curious now as to how many other versions are set to run in queues other than *default.

Which table is this information stored in?
All I want to do is query that file to get a list of the UBE versions.

I assume that the simple creation of a job queue called QPGMR will solve the issue of the versions that require that queue to run.
For those that run in a queue other than QPMGR, QBATCH or default, we can modify them to run in QPGMR (check out, modify, check in, and then package and deploy).

Thank you very much.


Nick Lanese

<font color="blue"> </font> A friend of mine answered me. I thought I would post the reply here for any who were interested in seeing it.
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<font color="black"> </font> Sorry, but the answer is not that easy. The data you want is stored in the F983051 (Versions List) table in the "Versions . . ." data source. However, it's stored in a blob field and you cannot therefore query on it.

For a complete list, you would have to run R98306 to print all version detail and then search the output.

Another technique would be to query the F986110 (or just use the Submitted Jobs applications) from there you can determine what jobs/versions are being run in a certain queue. You can't tell, though, where a user (or the scheduler) did a queue override.

I hope this helps a little.


Legendary Poster
You may be interested to know that we have a commercial tool available to report/change such Queue Name overrides - "Update Queue Names In Versions". You can find more details on our WEB site.


I have been experiencing the same type of issue and after digging around I think I have found an answer...fingers crossed.
There is a BSFN that can be used to get the job queue from the BLOB field from the spec table.
I have set up a very simple ERW report which reads from F983051 (can be run for a specific report/version - controlled by data selection). In the Do Section, N983052 is used, feeding in the Report and Version name (Program ID and Version History) and JobQueue is fetched back.
The section write can be suppressed where the returned job queue is blank/null, which will list all versions where the job queue is populated (and hence different to the default).
I have quickly set this up and tested it so it looks good so far.
Hope this is of some use...
Hi, if anyone's interested I have found a way to access the BLOB information without recourse to BSFN calls. I am simply using ODBC link and an Access Database. I can send anyone who wants to see it how to extract the job queue from the BLOB field. I also do this trick on the submitted jobs file to see our full version names on submitted jobs