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Hi guys,

Std JDE Item Master provides 2 description fields (DSC1, DSC2) which usually insufficient to describe full detail of the particular material. We are considering putting this material long text as part of item text attachment. However, this way will post another challenge as JDE does not provide search functionality on text attachment. This searching function is required whenever user need to obtain correct material code when raising PR/PO.

I wonder if anyone of you have experienced this before. I would greatly appreciates if you could share your experience. Any suggestion how this can be handled is also welcome.

Thank you.

Jeez, only thing I can thin of is a BSFN to loop through and read the retrieved MO text.

It's doable, I just can't imagine it being very quick.

You know your GT name, so you can loop through the F00165 for that. (try to narrow down the list of items as best you can)
Get each MO text back and use a C++ BSFN to check for the existence of your string

So it's certainly doable, just messy. So maybe a combination of B0500290 (get MMO text) and B0500690 (Is Sting in String)

Only thing that looks close is B1702220 which looks like it's reading GT17767A
.....but I'd advise you to make sure your searchable field is stored somewhere else already on a BSVW.
Even the URRF type fields?

I feel your pain.

First - searching text media objects is not really practical for large data sets such as an Item Master. If I was desperate I'd do something to extract the text blob from F00165 to a long nvarchar field in a database view (with a Item Number) that is setup as a JDE Virtual Table and conformed to JDE Table/Column naming conventions. You'd still have issues though with embedded rtf or html attributes.

Instead consider creating a custom (F55) Item Tag table that has a very long variable text field in it (3,000? 5,000?) and provide a means (app) for your users to enter and query the long descriptions there.

John, Larry,

Thanks for throwing some ideas. I have thought thru this in detail for long time. Looks like there is no easy way out. Guess I may need to weigh both options and see which one gel better.

If any one of you out there have other suggestion, do share with me if possible.