Script to Autostart Subsystem Jobs


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When our ES is re-booted the administrator requires us to provide them with
either an automatic startup of all our subsystem jobs, or a script to allow
the administrator to start all subsystem jobs from the ES.

Basically what is happening is when the system is re-booted the pick slip
print subsystem job is ended, but when they restart the ES it isn't started.
As a result, we might go most of the day before we realize the problem. Has
anyone had any experience with this?



7332 SP 11.2, NT, SQL 7.0


Did you change the JDE password or put in a status of inactive JDE?

Sometimes when you change something related with this user, some services
didn´t start.

In the other hand, maybe the exe's of the services (net y queue) are




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The script would need to not be run until services are started, then you could launch the subsystem with runube as long as the script is being run with the same NT login that the OW processes are. The runube line would look something like:

runube OWUID OWPWD OWENV RPTNAME VERNAME QUEUENAME B P S \\printsvr\printersharename