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Hi All,
I saw a batch file in one of the postings not too long ago to auto start JDE
services on an NT server providing for delays to wait till the Oracle
database is up and running. Can somebody help me locate it. Or better still,
please repost it.

XE (14.1)/NT/Oracle 8.1.5


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This one talks of the auto scripting tool. I am interested in the DOS Batch
program which was listed in the list less than 3 weeks ago on auto starting
JDe service. But the search tool is quite inadequate to locate it. Hence my


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In our environment, we use the command NET to start and stop the
services. NET is a Windows NT command located in the System32
directory. Once you have created a batch program to start and stop the
services, you can schedule the application to run at any time using
WINAT or just AT, the scheduling program for Windows NT.

Your batch file should contain the following lines to start the JDE
D:\WinNT\System32\net.exe start "JDE Update 2 B733 Network" /y
timeout 30
D:\WinNT\System32\net.exe start "JDE Update 2 B733 Queue" /y
timeout 30

I have placed timeouts in the batch to ensure that the different
services started before running any other commands. You can also stop
the services using the NET command by substituting STOP for START. You
may need to edit the command depending on what service name is listed in
your services. Hope this helps.

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You can set the JDE services to start automatically, and then also to set
them as a 'depend on' service. That way the JDE network service will not
start until the DB is mounted (assuming it is on the same box), and then the
JDE queue will not start until the JDE network service is up..that is the
way I have had it set up without any problems..


Xe, SP14.2, NT/sp6, SQL7/SP2