Scrap during the Pick Process


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Another Distribution Center Request.

We have a distribution center who want to do scrapping during the "Pick" process. However, I have not found anything in the Sales Order Management that would allow it unless using a Work Order.

Currently, the scrapping process is done manually after the fact using the inventory control functionality.

Is there any way to do the scrapping during the pick process?


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Your findings are correct...there is no scrapping at picking step. Inventory transactions like adjustment/issues need to be entered for scrapping at DCs.
Some companies even create a specific sales order order type to throw off scrap ( damaged/expired etc) to provide audit trail.



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Thanks. I will need to talk to the people involved to see what we can do. There may be a solution, but I am not sure there will be enough of a time savings to make it viable.


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It seems the end user is confused. They want a "pick" process for scrapping "Obsolete Parts".

One of our other sites is using what they call a process they call "Mr Pick" on their World instance and the users here want to use the same customized process. Not going to happen.

Will be meeting with the Distribution Center on the 11 to look at their complete manual process. Have ideas but want to flow the complete process. Will involve some P55's, R55's, and an Approval Work Flows