Hello List,
We are experiencing some strange happenings with our scheduler. Anytime we
make a change to it (add a new job, change processing options on a existing
job, or change a time, etc.) It will run fine for 7 days, but then cause
some problems. Our most important problem is that some jobs will not
submit, but others will. We also have had problems with the times changing.
If anyone out there is using scheduler and having similar problems or knows
why this is happening, could you please help us out? Any help would be
greatly appreciated!

Kerri Lange
B7331 SP11.2, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
Kerri L. Lange
Systems Analyst
Hub One Logistics
Email: [email protected]

Did you ever find out a resolution to this? We are now having similar problems at our site. When we change the scheduled time of a job the scheduler server still attempts to submit at the original time the job was set for. I looked on the JDE knowledge garden and there are no SARs for this.

I am considering the following courses of action to stop this happening:

1) Refresh the scheduler server every time a change is made and see if this affects whether it updates the time.

2) Purge the original jobs and reinsert them with the new time. This is obviously not a good solution since at our site there will be a lot of maintenance involved with this due to the physical numbers of reports they are scheduling.

I'll keep you updated on my findings