SCHEDULER password not found


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We are on E1 9.0, tools release

We began having an issue in our JDE SCHEDULER last week. Prior to last week, we have created new jobs and modified existing jobs in the JDE Scheduler with no issue. This includes entering the user and password for new scheduler entries, as well as modifying the user / password for a couple of jobs without issue.

Until last week. There is the timeline.

1. Go into JDE Scheduler application and chose the Advanced Options row exit for one of our scheduled jobs. In this case it was a version of R007011 (UNPOSTED BATCHES - INTEGRITY).
2. Choosing the row exit takes you to the Advanced Options where you can key the User, role, and password. I then just rekey the current password for the user defined. In this case the user is SCHEDULE3.
3. After saying ok on the advanced options screen, everything seems normal. No errors or anything.
4. But then when this job is scheduled next to run the next morning, the job did not submit and in scheduler it showed the error 'ERROR: COULD NOT SUBMIT JOB'.
5. Turning on jdedebug for the scheduler kernel and processing a new scheduler entry for this job and the error in the jdedebuglog showed the error 'No password found for job 'UNPOSTED BATCHES - INTEGRITY'

We've tried a changing a couple of jobs, using different User ids and their respective passwords. But all we are getting is the same errors, the jobs does not submit and in the jdedebuglog it says 'no password found.

Note that we have 106 scheduled active jobs and the only job that is giving us an issue is this one where we have just gone in and rekeyed the password in the Advanced Options screen. We will be changing our password complexity in a couple of months and we were just doing some basic functionality testing in how to change the user and password for scheduled jobs. We had done some similar testing a few weeks ago with no issue. Only last week when I decided to recheck how to enter/change a password in the Scheduler app did this occur.

Also note that we only have Scheduler set up and running in our Production environment. So I was using one of the simple integrity reports like unposted batches R007011 to do some testing.

Any ideas on what might be going on would be appreciated.
Have you verified whether this is related to your Tools Release? I know of some instances where this could be the case.
We upgraded from 8.98.42 to last October and have been running with no issues. We have entered new scheduler entries and made changes to existing jobs, including keying in the password, with no issues from that time until about a week ago, when we encountered this issue.

We have opened an oracle ticket and they are researching.
Found the cause and resolution, we believe.

Essentially we have found that if you go into Advanced Options from the Work With Scheduler app and just rekey over the existing password with the same value, it blanks out or corrupts the password value updated to the F91300. You will receive an error when the scheduler try to submit the job with a No Password found message in the jdedebuglog.

If you try to correct it also, by going into the Advanced Options from the Work with Scheduler app, it will seem to take your entry, but you will receive the same error.

However, if you select Job Revisions, then choose Advanced Options from that form, enter the user/password, press OK on Advanced Options, AND press OK on Job Revisions, it will same the password correctly and the scheduler will submit the job correctly.

It seems to be that route to Advanced Options from the Work with Scheduler form that has issues for some reason.