Scheduler Kernel goes zombie after upgrade to tools, this is apps 9.1 not 9.2



This is a known issue for apps 9.2 and they have released an ESU to fix it, but it appears they did not retrofit the fix for 9.1. Has anyone run into this issue and had to fix it? I've applied the latest ESU (JM22077) with B91300A in it, and this did not fix the issue.

When we start the scheduler it just submits 1 UBE then goes zombie.

I have fixed this in 9.2 with the ESU previously, but I'm wondering if anyone has run into this in 9.1 and what the fix was.

I'm also wondering if somehow they updated this ESU with old code for B91300A and the fix is just missing altogether.

You can sql an end date in to the F91300 for all your jobs I think, that was the original workaround for it and it should work.