Scheduler Issues


We recently migrated to a new iSeries. Since we went from v5r4, we had to update our JDE from ERP8.0 SP23 to SP24, and we updated our deployment server from 2000 to 2008 R2 (I know, it's been a long time coming). By restoring all libraries to the new iSeries and updating to SP24 and likewise copying the contents of the deployment server directories, registry, and ODBC, we were able to migrate fairly easily. The only issue I am having now is with the scheduler.

When I try to start/stop the scheduler from P91300, occasionally it will work cleanly. More often than not, it will time out and give the could not contact scheduler server and ask if I want to reset the control. I have tried recreating the control row in the 91300 table, and communication issues are still present. PORTTEST passes without issue though. I don't see any big errors in the debug log.

Also, even after running R91300B to clear out the 91320 table, scheduled jobs are not submitting. If I disable all schedules and create a new one, it will submit. If I create a new schedule with reoccurring schedule every 15 minutes starting 2 days ago, only 5 jobs submit and the rest do not. On my previous box, all jobs would submit and queue up. Between the communication and the jobs not submitting, I am at a loss. Any input would be appreciated.
You might want to just look into a replacement for Scheduler. It was always (at least Xe and before) a bit flakey and the replacements are cheap. I'm thinking something called "ROBOT" but I can't really remember, its been a while since I had to brave a 400..

If you want to search you should find some alternatives.

ERP-One in Canada have a scheduling solution that will run on iSeries natively - Rev Scheduler.
There were some new keys introduced on the scheduler table with SP24. Do you see any missing index errors in the scheduler kernel log ?