Scheduler error in Production


We upgraded to jde 9.2 on Nov7th. We have a job which runs every night at 2 am for almost half an hour to finish( I looked at old system9.0). First 2days after upgrade it ran normally but the after that started to add to the time. Nov 22 job started and it didn't finish processing until I terminate it. Looking at the normal/ successful report this job creates around 300 pages but for some reason I noticed the page sizes are growing which I think that is why it takes longer time to run. On Nov 13 page sizes grow to 1443 pages. I compared the report with a normal day and noticed some assets for example 12568 got repeated and created 167 pages. There should be only one record in the report.
this job runs fine in PY or DV. only Production has the issue. I build a package and promoted it but it didn't solve the problem.