Scheduler custom UBE getting crashed with the following error message in PROD

Hi guys,

I am getting the following error messages in log while a custom UBE is running in production and failing.

"PDFLib Exception Occured in PDFDocGen_AddPage: Function: PDF_begin_page_ext, Code: 1000, Message: Out of memory in function pdf_grow_pages"

This is an aging report and it produces more than 2000 pages of pdf and it processes more than 2 million records and runs for more than 5 hours.

For the past 2 weeks this scheduler job is failing continuously with the above error in log and some business function dll failure errors given below:

"COB0000011 - Library load failed C:\JDEdwards\E910\PD910\bin32\CLOC.dll function [email protected] Error = 183"

Before 2 weeks it was running successfully with proper output.

If anyone has any idea about this issue and how to fix it, it will be beneficial.

i could not find anything worthy in Oracle site and someone is asking for "Full Package" built to fix it.

Need help on this.

Thanks in advance !!!


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Do you have any text media objects displaying on the report, especially in the report or page header? If so, and they are very long, then the UBE is never getting a chance to display the detail data and eventually would error out.