Scheduler - Custom Report not producing output in A/R Aging field s only


We are on OneWorld B733 Cume 2 SP11.2.

We designed a custom report to write to an output
file. The report runs
correctly on the Enterprise Server when submitted from
a Fat Client. When
this same report is set up on the Scheduler, the report
runs but no data is
output in the A/R Aging Fields only, the rest of the
data including customer
number, invoice number etc. all looks fine.

No error messages are produced. We have promoted the
View, Output File,
Object, Version and PO Template. Job submits with
Blind Execution parameter
and all data selection and processing options entered.

What could the problem be? We are stumped!

Daniel B. Clooney
Analyst - I.T. Development
Philip Services Corp.
email - [email protected]

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