SAR fixes to *PTF programs


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How do you integrate SAR fixes to programs shipped with JDE ptfs? Scenario
described below.

- JDE announces SAR paper fixes to programs that are shipped with a ptf.
- The ptf tape you are using is older, and does not include these announced
SAR fixes. Do you:
- Perform a LODRUN and specify an upgrade plan for install to a Test
- Submit the upgrade to run PTF_STEP1 only, restoring Object and source
- Apply SAR paper fixes to the shipped source, and compile, then place
these modified objects into the A73PC000xx library, replacing the older
objects that were shipped on tape.
- You submit the PTF_STEP2 portion of the upgrade, which moves all objects
(including your SAR-modified programs) to their appropriate locations.

This appears to be an reasonable way to ensure that PTF_STEP2 will run the
modified programs.
Or do you just order the latest ptf tape from JDE, expecting it to include
all the latest SARs?
I am interested in this because I notice that the E9 EURO ptf performs a
number of data file currency conversions during PTF_STEP2 dedicated portion
of the upgrade, before users are allowed to sign on and modify their library

I welcome your comments and suggestions.