Sales Update (R42800 and R42801)


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Hello List,

Has anyone done any analysis between the World and OW 42800 pgms?.

We are trying to move our custom code from World to OW Sales Update pgm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OW XE SP13 AS/400 V4R5 Co-exist.


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Hi AS400Guru,

I know for two issues on B733.2, NT 4.0, and MS SQL 7.0. First is serious. We was not able to run R42800 on server until JDE send as a patch which turn off optimization on two (it was a long time ago but I think that was two) BFs. JDE blamed MS VC++ compiler for that. Second issue is funny. They did not link (at least on my system) a parameter that is carrying back line no or line type (not shore anymore). If you need that field at all it is easy to fix, only one line in code. This can be fixed in Xe or for different configuration.

Hope this helps,