Sales target setting



We are looking for a functionality which will enable us to set targets for salespersons, review achievements and targets and calcualte commissions based on these.

Any ideas please ?

Thanks in advance

XE SP 15.1, Oracle, Windows2K
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Hi Raja,

It seems that we have approximately the same problem.
We have a client who wants to set targets for a salesman and have an up-to-date, clear picture of actual sales vs. sales targets, based on whatever the subject of this analysis is (sales regions, client type, etc).
Knowledge Garden is very labile in this situation. Only one recommendation is delivered: “using Sub-ledgers, Sales Managers can be set up as Employees in the system and can then enter budget/ target amounts against specific sales account with the employee as a Type A sub-ledger.”
Another idea would be using supplemental data for the items (I will try it in the future)
Another idea could be…yours.
If you consider it proper, please keep me informed on your working faith on this issue.