Sales orders not creating shipments


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Hi List,

I've placed a call with JDE on this but I need some help quickly........

We installed ESU 9581 last night which deals with Adv. Transportation issues. We're having a problem now when a user cancels a line on a sales order and enters a new line on the same sales order. In this case, a shipment is not being generated. It assigns a shipment number which it stores on the F4211 but no F4215 record exists for that shipment number. I've instructed the users that when they do this, they need to re-edit the sales order line and re-enter a date. In this case it will create a shipment but this is a major headache when they're entering orders all day long.

Has anyone run into this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Kelly Read
Chiquita Brands Int'l
B733.2 SP 11.2 NT SQL Server