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Sales Order to Stock PO file


Is there a file that stores the the SO info for stock replenishment POs. example: Say CSR has picked the PO from Supply & Demand and it updates my date for the SO associated to the PO at the time of SO entry, but I don't have any tie to see how many SOs they have tied to that incoming PO.



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You don't "pick" a Supply PO for your demand order from Supply and Demand.
All S&D does is show you the planned ins and outs of inventory movement for a item.

Short of implementing ETO processing or similar (major projects in JDE) the only thing that automatically associates a PO to a SO is a Direct/Drop Ship SO Line when when entered and saved automatically creates a new PO with instructions for the vendor to ship the product direct to the customer.


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Although there's always the cross docking function. SOs can be "tied" to a PO manually in P4210 or P4312 can automatically release backordered sales and commit these using "opportunistic" cross docking. However, the connection is not done supply&Demand but in P4614 Cross-Docking Workbench instead



But i acknowledge that this is not exactly what was asked for but is only as additional information and for inspiration