Sales order re-print at status 620-999

Olavo Henrique Dias

Active Member
I believe you can setup a version of R42520 that do not update status and set the "next status thru" processing option to 999.

However, there is one catch... since the order is at 620-999, it already ran the R42800 (Sales Update). If your sales update is configured to PURGE the data into the history table, you may not be able to run R42520 since it pulls the data from F4211, not F42119.


Guys, I do not have authority to customize R42520 I only have access to fastpath, how to re-print pick slips from F42119?


We had the same requirement and as already explained by the others:

Standard R42520 only takes data from F4211

We have customised a re-print version which
- retrieves data from F4211 & F42119
- does NOT update the status

Depending on your organisation you need to raise this as change request or take it as it is