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sales order next numbers


Need some help with a problem assigning next numbers. When releasing a sales blanket order (Doc Type SB) to a regular sales order (Doc Type SO), E1 assigns the next number for a sales transfer order (Doc Type ST) instead of a regular sales order (SO). We do have our default document type setup to 'SO' in the proc. options for P4210. We have our next numbers for the Sales Mgt System setup by document type description; Sales Order, Sales Blanket, Sales Transfer, etc. Not sure how these descriptions get related to the actual document type codes SO,SB,ST,etc. We are using method 3 to assign the next number, by company and fiscal year and do have the FY data setup. We are running E1 version 8.98 tools release Any help would be appreciated.


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You associate a next number with a line type in your order activity rules. In your activity rules setup screen there is an order type next number, that is the number of the next number range you want to use. So for example in your system 42 next numbers, the first one you've setup is 1 (alias N001), the second one is 2 (alias N002) etc...