Sales order lines lost...

Ricardo Paz

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Hi there it's me again...

After capturing a sales order some of the lines are not recorded; i.e I've
30 lines in the sales order, but when I print it some lines are missing (2
or 3 lines often)... I've already checked the F4211 to see if the missing
lines are there, but they aren't...

This happens often but not always. JDE says that this could be an ODBC
issue, but MS says it is not.

Any idea, comment, suggestion, joke,etc.. will be appreciated

OW B73.3.2 SP 10.1 / NT 4.0 Sp 6a/ SQL 7.0

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Just something I've found in the past, check the Item Master weights and measures tab. Look at the weight and volume UOM. Make sure there is a UOM conversion from the item's primary to these. Even if it's only 1EA=1GA. I have seen split lines lost at ship confirm because these conversions were not set. They can be set as standard UOM conversions.

Hope this helps.


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Hello Paz,
I am not sure your real problem but do all your SO lines with the different requested date ? If so, check with your B/P constant to see if you set the specific commitment day. We suffered the SO lines not missing but with the incorrect requested date after entered the SO.
There is a SAR in KG and I am testing if the ESU can solve my problem.
Well, this may be very different from yours but just asking for sure.