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Sales Order Hold Codes & Factoring



For anyone whose struggled with variations of hold codes on sales orders (P4210), especially if you factor A/R, our implementation team has developed at a pretty creative solution (if I do say so myself) that may be helpful to others. I'd be happy to send a PowerPoint presentation on it to whoever might be interested.

My question, though, is whether anyone has figured out how to change a hold code without first taking the order off of hold. For example, if an order goes onto hold code PR at time of order entry (due to the customer master credit limit, etc.) and you want to change it to hold code PZ (a code that you created to indicate you have reviewed it or whatever) OW seems to require you to first take it off of hold with P43070 then go back to P4210 and find the order to edit the hold code on the second tab of the header. This is cumbersome.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Xe 15.1, AS/400


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I'd like to receive a copy of your Powerpoint.
About the hold codes: you can run a version of the repost program =
R42995, in
this version you use a version of P4210 which applies a hold code to =
Using dataselection you can thus put just one order on hold.



Thanks for the tip! I'll try it out. The PowerPoint is attached. Please
let me know if it is helpful, albeit not necessarily simple.



Greg can you write me how you received the power point ? I am interested by the subject .

Thanks .