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i am new at this so if i am posting in the wrong place, sorry.

I have a configured item that uses a group of smart parts to build a material item number. The product we produce is somewhat complicated but what i would like to return is the unit cost of the item built by the smart parts to a segment. i am assuming this can be done with some kind of alias i just cant figure out which one.

Please Help

J Ray



If I understood correct, u have a configured assembly. It contains many parts. And u want to get the cost of all the parts to be build in parent item.
If it is a case JDE std functionality helps.
Once u create a work order for a configured item, and then next step will be to attach parts to it, which can be done by running R31410 put 1 in Sales tab(standard cost)
doing so after successful run of the report std cost comes in F3102(production table)
top configured item may require many purchase as well as manufactured items
for all those manuf. and purchase items u need to do the cost roll up using std cost only
as configured works on std only

hopes this helps