Sales Budgeting and Analysis Using Standard JDE Functionality

Looking for solutions to Sales Budgeting using standard JDEdwards functionality (Apps version 9.x) to record budget figures then capture and analyse sales against budget.

A basic solution using JDE Advanced Cost Accounting (ACA) could go something like this:

1. Configuring the sales system
• Flexible Sales Accounting specifies for a particular Automatic Accounting Instruction (eg 4230 Sales Revenue) in a particular company and document type (eg SO Sales Order) which values should be populated into the Managerial Analysis Codes (eg Sales Manager, Product Group) on the Sales Order Detail line.
• Set a single processing option on Sales Update to activate Flex Accounting.

2. Recording budget figures
• Multiple journal entries loaded into the BA (Budget Amount) and BU (Budget Unit) general ledger at the detail level, totaling the overall sales budget. Manually assign the Managerial Analysis Codes (aka Cost Object) on each journal entry to split sales budget by reporting levels (eg Product Group, Sales Manager, Customer Group, Sales/Marketing Channel).
• Post the journal entries to transfer the budget amounts/units to the GL Balances (F0902) table. This is the total sales budget and is viewable in real-time on standard GL enquiries.
• Run the Post to Cost Analyzer Balances (R1602) batch job to transfer the budget figures into the Cost Analyzer Balances (F1602) table. This is the table which is used to compare budget to actual amounts/units by reporting level (eg product group, sales manager, etc). The breakdown of budget figures is viewable in real-time on standard ACA enquiries.

3. Capturing actual sales
• Complete the normal sales order entry process (order entry, pick slip, ship confirm, invoice print, sales update). Managerial Analysis Codes will be automatically populated during Sales Update.
• Run the Post to Cost Analyzer Balances (R1602) batch job to transfer the actual sales figures into the Cost Analyzer Balances (F1602) table.

4. Analyzing Budget vs Actual
• Standard JDE Advanced Cost Accounting enquiry screen compares two ledger types (eg actual vs budget for same period or actual vs actual across diff periods), sales amount or sales units with selection by Managerial Analysis Code (eg Product Group, Sales Manager, etc), fiscal years and periods

I would appreciate anybody's experiences, opinions, pros and cons in using a solution like this as opposed to performing sales budgeting either outside of JDE or using custom-written JDE functionality.