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Sales and Use Tax


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Currently the company that I work for is required to report sales and use tax in 4 states. Starting in January we will be required to report sales tax in 48. Does any one know of a software package that works with the JDE files and will creates all of the returns and reporting requirements? I have heard of Vertax. Is anyone using this package if so what do you think?

Thank you


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We use Vertex. Get automatic updates. We like it.

Jill Fralick
ABB Flexible Automation
Auburn Hills, MI 48313
A7.3 cum 10
(248) 391-8618


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How does it fit around JDE? Do you know if there was much Implementaion work that needed to be done?


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We have been using Vertex for the last 9 years It has been working very

Emad Banoub
Pasadena, CA
A7.3 CU 12/X3 - Xe Upd 2 SP 16.1 Coexistence.

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