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Sale Order Header Cache


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working through some things in the configurator and I need to get some data from the sales order header(order date). I'm dropping into the external bsfn call - it uses the tagDSD3200000 for a DS. Looking for a BSFN or a method to retrieve data from order entry(cache) as the order hasn't been saved to the F4201.



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this worked
jdeCallObject((JCHAR *)_J("RetrieveF42UI01Pointer"), (LPFNBHVR)NULL, lpBhvrCom,
lpVoid, (LPVOID)&dsSOHCache, (CALLMAP *)NULL, (int)0,
(JCHAR*)NULL, (JCHAR*)NULL, (int)0);
if (dsSOHCache.idF42UI01Pointer != (ID)0){
lpdsF42UI01 = (LPF42UI01)jdeRemoveDataPtr(hUser, dsSOHCache.idF42UI01Pointer);
lpdsF42UI01 now holds all the header deets.