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RV variable not displaying


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Hello All,

I am working on R03b5001. I need to put the PO number from the sales order on the statement. So, In the Detail section, I have a simple Fetch Single based on the BCs SDOC, SDCT,SKCO in F03b21. It populates a new RV VR01 field. In debug, the statement works just fine. However, the output has this field blank for all rows.

I have tried different variations and did an Advanced Get against PD to check against some form of corruption.

This is a columnar section which I don't have a lot of experience with so is there something I am missing?

See the attached for screenshot of successful debug.

Thank you for your time,




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Hello Larry,

No, that hasn't happened. I did discover the issue. It turns out it is data related. The F03B21 has two records for each invoice. One has the Sales order detail populated, the other doesn't. Based on other flags, the section is suppressing the record that has the sales data but writing the record that does not.

Error here is my lack of knowledge of Financials and using the assumption that there would be one record per invoice in the work file. Sadly, this means more mods.