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For those of you using RUNUBE, do you monitor return values? The client would like to call the RUNUBE from either a cshell or CL and wants to know if the ube ran successfully. We were thinking that since the jdedebug log can track return values, maybe a unix script or AS400 CL program could also?

What we would like to accomplish is this.
1) Populate a custom table
2) Run a UBE to populate Z tables
3) Run the Z-process to process the Z tables
4) Email the executor to verify that the process ran successfully

All suggestions are welcome.



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Are you trying to check whether

a) the RUNUBE completed successfully i.e. did not crash or

b) completed successfully but did not process all your records in the Z files due to data errors?

We have added a new index over the Z files that we use, the first key field being the processed field (??EDSP I think). Other fields have also been added to improve the speed of the selection.

However, you can also use the new index to check (after submitting the RUNUBE) to check for any unprocessed records. All the processing is done on a single stream job queue, which ensures that our checks are performed after the RUNUBE ends.

I hope this helps

AS/400 V4R5, B733.2 and XE, SP15.1


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Good questions,

1) Yes!, we want to check whether the RUNUBE completed

2) we want to know that the R0911Z1I ran with or without errors

3) we want to know if the R550104 (total custom) ran with or without errors

4) we would like to be able to pass a number in through the data structure (RI values)of the R550104 to have a dynamic data select.

5) we would like to be able to return values through the data structure (RI values) of the Z-UBE process.

OK, OK let me take a breath! Fyeeeeew.

6) we would like to be able to pass in an email address and have some responses be emailed back to the email address.

Some of the users would also like it to shine our shoes and brush our teeth. Now I know this is a lot to ask, and I have tried to set expectations a little lower. So if you have information or ideas I'd love to hear them.

Ben again