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Dear List,

We are relatively new to OW, coming from AS/400 World to Oracle OW and so having to learn a few new skills along the way.

We have a simple question:

How do you use RUNUBE to run a OW job from outside OW? Where must it be run e.g. client, server, citrix??? What parameters are needed? How do you know if it completes okay?

Any help would be great.

Andrew Stavordale
Oracle Xe, SP15.1, Various ESU, Citrix


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Basically you just enter a line like this...

$SYSTEM/bin32/runube SCHED SCHED PRD733 R007021 ZJDE0001 QBATB733_1
Interactive Hold Save

The SCHED SCHED is my generic username/pass that is used to run scheduled
PRD733 is the environment
R007021 is the job
ZJDE0001 is the version
QBATB7333_1 is the queue
Interactive (can also be batch) is used because I want this job to complete
before the next job in my script starts to run.

you can also put a printer at the end and have it print upon completion.

to play around with it just go to a command prompt in DOS/UNIX and run
something like the R0006P with the XJDE001 version and a valid user. Good

Mark Siebenschuh
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(financials)/Lots of Citrix boxes