RUNUBE Not supported by JDE


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I have received information that JDE will not support the RUNUBE command on the AS/400.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to accomplish the same thing on the AS/400?

Below is the message received from JDE support.


Sorry for the confusion. We do not support the RUNUBE or the RUNUBE CL
commands. I was explaining why we do not support it and the reason it does
not work. If the UBE is connected to a interactive program, the interative
program will never be called and therefore the order will never be created.
This is were the custom modifications and field resources come into play.

I hope I explained it more thorough. If you still have questions, please do
not hesistate to email me back. Thanks


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The solution below is not the easiest but it will work.

Install an NT application server and use the NT version of RUNUBE for all
your scheduler jobs.

Not a bad idea to offload your scheduler process from the AS/400 anyway.

Just a thought!

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There is "breaking news" on this issue on the knowledge garden dated April 4, 2001. It looks like they are changing their mind again. (Like we haven't ever seen that before)

Just here to help

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Yes it's true that they have changed but there is still some pretty serious problems.


There is a batch application R47011 that moves EDI transactions from the F47011/F47012 to F4201/F4211. This is a batch application but it calls P4210 which is a interactive application so it won't work and JDE will not support this.



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(I posted this message on the developer side as well)

This whole RUNUBE and what is and what is not supported is out of hand. I am having a similar issue with R47071 and initially got the same response from JDE, it is an interactive program so we will not support it. Not so I find out! I am now told that if you can run the UBE from Batch Versions (P98305) it IS supported by RUNUBE.

The definition of an "interactive" UBE, as I was informed by JDE, is a UBE that is fired off from a program (probably such as A/P Checks, etc.) where there are Report Interconnects and data structures being passed to the UBE which can NOT be done with RUNUBE.

Another thing they won't support is RUNUBE from a CL Program. So they rejected my problem again. But once I demonstrated that it still did not work properly from the command line itself, they have now re-opened my issue.

My issue started over the weekend after installing SP 15 and the one-offs. Prior to that, for over 2 years, R47071 has worked without a problem, 4 copies of it every night.

Since then, R47071 runs, however it does not process the lines, all of the lines are flagged as having an error. The workcenter indicates that the Ledger type is not valid.... However every line has a ledger type of AA and that ledger type is in the UDC 09/LT table. The UBE somehow fails to see it. The jog log indicates that there is an invalid code page (37). R31802 appears to have the same symptons. We run that every night as well.

I took a look at R47011 and in my opinion, it is NOT an interactive version and you should be able to run it from the CL.

We run about 160 UBEs from CL Progams every day and have not had these issued until SP 15.

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We are also experiencing these problems. We recently went to SP15 mainly
because we were told that RUNUBE would work. It didn't work at all for us
on Sp10.1 Recently found that although it was now "running" the UBE's,
we found problems with the results with both the R47011 and R31802 jobs we
are testing. Same Invalid code page (37) errors in the JDE.logs as
reported here. We will be opening a call in the morning with Support line
as well since we can re-create the problem from command line usage and the
UBE runs correctly when submitted via Batch versions.

Keith Anderson
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Re: RE: RUNUBE Not supported by JDE

Well I don't feel like the lone ranger now. Is there anything I can do to help JDE feel the improtance of fixing this?

Keep me posted as to the outcome of your discussion with JDE.

I already have a problem posted with them but they have closed is.