Running Table Conversion on Terminal Server - 1world Xe


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Hello List,

I created a table conversion ube. I can successfully
run this in any environment locally. But when ran on
the terminal server it fails with errors in the jde.
log like: Failed to validate sign on, JDB_InitEnv API

Any help and suggestions welcomed. Waiting to hear
from you the problem solvers.



David Robertson

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Hmmm, interesting error.

How are you launching the TC UBE?
Is it set in the OCM to run locally?
Is LOCAL set up as a valid logic data source for the TSE?
What version of OW are you running?
Where is the input data coming from? Can the TSE see this? Does it need to enter a password to get to it, as this might be stopping the TC UBE?




I have a similar problem to this - did you get any joy with yours....?

I created a table conversion to update a 'foreign table' on the AS/400 but like you, it works great when run locally but will not run on the server...

Regards, Mike
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