running R5504113 and like to know the sql statement


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Hi, I am running R5504113 and Under View Job Status - Submitted Job Execution Detail -> execution detail, I am trying to find the sql statement for UBE and there is no sql statement but this message is showing "No Select Statement has been captured for this Job". I need this statement to schedule a job for downloading data for data mart. There might be some configuration or why the sql statement is not showing under the Execution Detail -> 7 SQL Statement. I can use sql profiler but wondering if there is some setting missing which is not allowing me to see the sql for completed UBEs.
Any help is appreciated.
I can see that the UBE you are asking about is a custom UBE, so we have no idea of what this report is or does, let alone how it behaves from a SQL standpoint. My guess is that this report does not have a business view associated with it for data selection, and that the data selection is happening all in the event rule code. How about asking the developer to pull it up in RDA and show you the SQL involved?