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Running R47002C on an AS/400



System Details

OneWorld Xe Service pack 14.2
AS/400 V4R5

I am attempting to run R47002C submitted to an AS/400.

I have changed the Flat File Cross Reference via P47002 on G47311 to specify
a shared location on the AS/400.

When I submit the R47002C to the Server the job completed with an error
messsage ID of 3003 - Open of File Unsuccessful.

My reading of this is that when the BSFN B4700240 is called from R47002C and
retrieves the details from F47002 it does not recognise the location I have
specified on F47002.

I have contacted JDE about this but they are saying that the BSFN performs
as designed and that it should only be run locally.

Running locally is not an option as it is taking upto 5 hours to process
approx 10,000 records and this is only a fraction of the actual volumes I
will be importing.

Any suggestions on either running B4700240 on an AS/400 or improving the
performance of this BSFN running locally would be great.




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I had similar problem at my earlier client. R47002C has to be run locally. It cannot be run on the server because it does not recognize the path name of the file. We had Unix as the enterprise server and we needed to run R47002C on the server. I just created my own Table conversion UBE for flat file conversion. Table Conversion recognizes UNIX path's.



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Since a year and a half has passed, I was hoping that someone has found a solution to this. We want to be able to schedule our OneWorld EDI processing on our AS/400. Has anyone been able to make this work? Can a AS/400 file name be specified in the UBE specs instead of a PC path statement?
In R47002C, right before the call to the business function, right trim the BC Flat File Name from F47002 that you are passing into the function.
NT strips these spaces before using the string in the function, however for other O/S (Unix...) the string is padded with spaces. These need to be removed. I have a question for you - is there a maximum number of rows this business function will upload? My load on a risc box running Xe stopped uploading after row 77489. Since I'm not a C guru, I can't really tell if this is normal...