Running R42565 from F42119 to resend the 810 EDI invoice



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Hi List,

My original post was posted in World Applications by mistake

My team here need to re run the R42565 as the customer does not like the fact we have sent multiple shipments in one invoice. (also some lines of a sales order DOCO need to be resent alone in their own EDI 810 DOC)

Now the F4211 status has moved on and the records now live on the F42119

I know we can run the R42565 in reprint again over a given DOCO/Line etc but can we make the system create new DOC for the sales orders?

I have printed off all our versions of R42565 and asked the analyst to combine and EDI sending version and a reprint version.
It kind of solves the problem and new EDI records are made but they had a blank DOC...?

I am hoping this is possible, I just cant see how as I'm technical not functional.
I think the DOCs need to be voided and then credit notes issues and the EDI sent again...?
Just hoping this is a common problem and the fix is simple

Any help would be great