Running DV/PY on a seperate server to PD


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Hi All,

I am currently setting up a test E900 installation. I have successfully migrated our Xe data onto the E9 environment, created new environments and given the system to the users to start testing processes in E9.

The next milestone would be to get the DV and PY configured. Our current Xe installation has all three pathcodes on one IBM i.

I did a search on the list and found a similar question and there was the following response from altquark where he mentions:

"It seems as if you're asking whether you can install dv and py first and then pd at a later time. That is possible, but you might have issues. You really want to ensure that the system databases (system, data dictionary, object librarian and central objects ) are stored on the production box. Having duplicates of these results in having, in effect, two implementations - and trying to run two implementations is double the management and a lot more cause for issues (especially with regards to promotions). The better method would be to implement everything on your production server, then move dv/py over to your secondary server at a later date. Changing production server name is very nasty - but adding an additional server is not tricky at all."

I have set up PD900 and want to then work my way down to PY900 and then DV900 and I understand that one should keep all shared tables on one system, i.e. production. I'm stuggling to get my head around how one would go about it so these are the steps I think I should follow:

- Set up the new server (LPAR)
- Install the platform pack selecting only DV, PY and PS environments
- Define a second Enterprise server on the current deployment server
- Point the ocm mappings on the DV/PY server to the PD OL900, DD900 and SY900 (all shared JDE E1 system libraries)
- Restore the PD900 libraries from the production server to the DV900 and PY900 libraries on the development server.

During object promotion from PY to PD, the objects will be transfered from the DV/PY server to the PD server.

I hope it makes sense.

Please can you help me by letting me know if there are major flaws in my thinking.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

Kind regards,

Our new environment is as follows:

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9 Update2
Tools Release
Deployment Server on 2008 R2 using VS2005
IBM i running V6R1
Websphere Application Server ND 7.0 on IBM i
Websphere Application Server ND 7.0 on Windows 2008 R2

I have two things to mention. First, there are certain tables called bootstrap tables, changing access to these tables can be confusing. There has been some discussion on JDEList in the past. I don't know if they are a problem with the setup you describe or not and raise the point so that you are aware of it and can make sure that they are taken into consideration and adjustments made if needed. Hopefully a JDEList member, more knowledgible about bootstrap tables than I, will provide some information and direction. Secondly, OMW promotion will transfer objects between pathcodes on the deployment server.

We have two completely separate E811 installations - one for PD with only one pathcode and the other for test/development with several pathcodes. Transfer of objects from the test/development system to the production system was done using product packaging and is now done using Boomerang (from ESI).
Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for the response. I think a little more reading is required to fully understand the complexity but your comments have given me a starting point.

Thank you once again.

Kind regards,