Runnaway Grid Searches


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FINALLY!! - I trapped a user into telling me how they killed the Video Star... Blue Squirrel ... I mean Froze Production....

For too long, we've had this random production crash - and haven't been able to identify what Application was cause an 'Out of Memory' heap crash on one of our web servers.

Today, I had a confession from one of my SME(s) - when he texted me and said he thought he killed a test environment. I am able to replicate the Killing Process - but I don't know how to keep it from reoccurring.

- Custom Application over Customer Master
- If the ">|" Go To End is pressed, the application tries to load more rows than my family has fingers and toes.
- If the user is paying attention - they can try to push the "Stop and view results" button (but no user ever pays attention, right?)
* even if they do happen to push the button - the query may decide it wants to continue, anyway...

- I can FORCE some form of limiting Data Selection - or disallow the Find until the do (klunkie and irritating)

Isn't there something that can do a pre-fetch, and respond back that "The Holy-Monster of Queries Is About To Happen, Are You Sure You Want To Continue"....

I want a weekend...



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there is security setup for this. One is "scroll to end" to stop them from doing that. It's part of the form action security. The other is Application Query Security when you can force the user to fill in filter fields.



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Thanks, Craig - I always forget about Security".... I guess that's why I was in Law Enforcement for ten years.... I just figure that everyone is honest....

I will bounce the prospects with my team. I'm sure they will come back saying the want some thing that 'pre-runs' and screams at the user "What the HADES are you DOING!??"

Thanks Buddy!



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Sounds like Criag is on the money there

But just a thought as a sideline.....

Is there a way we can kill the engine in Grid record is fetched? Like set a count ourselves and kill the fetch if it reaches too much?


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We had the same issue in SOE. We need users to have the flexibility to choose any number and type of filters and return all records (for their selection), so App Query Security and scroll to end security didn't work for us. We ended up creating a default query on the P42101 that allows anything with Request Date in the past 6 months to return. When I set up a new user that requires access to P42101, I run a couple queries through Access that load records for that query to all the versions of P42101 for that user. This does allow the user to remove the query if needed for a larger find. We have not seen abuses of this option and it works for us.