Run Executable System Function does not works on Web


Hi, guys

I tired doing this, but don't work.

Run Executable(<Blank>, file://d:/00500_113_A_16.pdf, <Blank>, <Blank>, <Blank>, <Blank>)

help me please.

I'm working on E1 and testing in localhost.



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Hello denken,
This System Function will be running on enterprise server.
You need to point to a share accessible by enterprise server (jde role) rather than to a client machine (where jde in web browser is running ).



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From Oracle Doc ID 647533.1:

"The Web client does not run local executables. Functions such as the Run Executable system function, Windows tasks, etc. that call executables on the local machine do not function on the Web. The only functionality that allows you to call programs from the web client is Export to Excel and Export to Word."


Hi denken,
We do this to bring up attachments in an IE browser. This enables the user to view the PDF in a non modal window . My executable file looks like this:
file:///\\Server1\\E900\\MEDIAOBJ\\HTMLUpload\\FILE-172-24-6-123-6410224196539892-1450884149384.pdf . I am pulling the pdf from the deployment server.