RTF Template size getting too large


1. I have a working BI Publisher RTF Template in production. After I download its size is a few KBs
2. After I make a small change (even if I add one single character) to the RTF template the size of the template changes to more than 65 MBs
3. Then when I try to upload the updated RTF template (through P95600). It doesn't get uploaded and I get the error "File exceeds allowed size".

Please advise. Am not sure what is causing the RTF template size to change from KBs to MBs. I have tried at least but no luck and the result has been the same.

Just in case you might overlooked.. Make sure you are using the correct Office/BIP Desktop version for your JDE release level. When we upgraded to a newer TR, the file size actually decreased. I guess it has to do with MS Office.