RTE Events from Fat Client



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Hello All.
I am having problems firing RTE events from fat client while running a UBE.
For example normally(when run on batch server) R43500 fires RTPOOUT event.

When I run R43500 on fat client it doesn't fire RTE event and new log entry in jde.log appears

157216/130728 WRK:Free Remote Env               	Mon Jul 07 20:06:26.694000	Jdekfree.c185
	KNT0000014 - JDENET Error = 8

Is this something related to network/jde.ini settings/else or jde is not supposed to fire events from fat client?

Thanks a lot!
Is it documented somewhere?
I couldn't find anything in "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Real-Time Events Implementation Guide" and "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Interoperability Guide".
Onyx, AFIK RTEs do trigger on the FAT client.
The only thing required is enabling the environment to trigger the events. For Eg. to trigger RTEs on DV Server, you would enable the JDV900 environment and for Fat Client, you need to enable DV900.
If you have the debug log enabled, you can actually see the XML message generated in the logs.
I assume you have performed the configurations as detailed in the Interop guide, guaranteed events. If I am not wrong, it is chapter 18.

You need to religiously restart the web and enterprise servers after any change to the RTE configurations. I am not aware of this specific error message that you encountered.

Are you using Websphere MQ ?

I havent come across in any document but it wont get transfered to F90s tables even if its genererated successfully.