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Hi list.... Actually I ´ve arround 450,000 records in the F42565 table...Is
it possible to purge all these records without causing any trouble???

OW 73.3.2 SP 10.1 / NT 4.0 / SQL 7.0

S.E. Ricardo Paz Castañón
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Lic. Ricardo Paz Castanon
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The F42565 file is a work file and when invoices are
not processing should be empty. We had a very large F42565 file which
caused the time to process an invoice to be exponentially longer than =
needed to be, as it was processing all the records over and over.

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What else do you know about this file (F42565)? I just checked ours, and
it's huge! I can't quite figure out how the records are written to it ...
there's an assortment of program id's (EP4101, EP4210, EP42800, ER42535,
ER42565, R42996). Also, the most recent records are from January 24th. We
have certainly run invoices, sales update, etc. many times since then.

Michelle Dulay
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OneWorld B7322 with the MFG Mini-Cum, coexistent with World A7.3
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NT Logic - between AS400 (OneWorld) and HP9000 (SynQuest)
We were told by JDE this is a work file and if
programs using it are terminated abnormally without coming to a normal
conclusion records may be stranded in this file. There is no program I am
aware of that clears this file so stranded records are never cleaned up.
Processing time for invoices must be kept at a minimum for us so we have a
query we run nightly to identify any stranded records.

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Dianne Cooper
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Wow, we have 15,958 records in F42565......something's defintely not doing
it's job!!!

Kimberley :(
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A temporary table used by invoice print. It isn't a data table it is an
internal table used possibly by Sales Update, Invoice Print. It usually
clears after invoice print.