RPG Call from OW-Urgent


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Hi Team,
we need to call RPG Program from One World?

ANy procedure , documentation ,links for information??

Thanks & Regards,


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Business function B34A1030 "Execute External Program" should "execute a command using the native command interpreter for the platform where business function is mapped to run". It is working perfect on NT.

Hope this helps.

We are in a Co-existence envrn. I tried to use Execute External Program from a UBE. On the sZCommandLine parm we gave it as "c:\winnt\rmtcmd.exe CALL PGM(LIB1/PGM1)".
Do we have to include the lib in the ODBC settings or it picks up the object since its a qualified call?.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much.
Be aware that when calling a program using CALL PGM(LIB1/PGM1) it will not
necessarily find the next program if it does a subsequent call.
A small CL program with input parameters of Library and Program will allow you
to ascertain environment and set up the Library list accordingly before the
call is a safer approach.