Row Security Issue


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Hello Ye Almighty JDEList!
I am coming across a strange one here and wondering if anyone out there has
seen this:

Issue: I have set up Row Security on a data item (PayDecuctBenAccType) for
*Public. I have had our HR Director test and is working great on her
machine (Fat Client). When I sign onto the terminal servers it does not
work....I went back to the fat client machine where I created the security
and it does not work....I go back to our HR Director's machine and it works
great...??? Why in the world is the security I set up only working on one
machine....a machine that I did not even create the security on.....???


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This is a strange one! Something rather simple comes to
security turned on for the Enterprise Server and Deployment Server?
This may not be the problem, but is the only thing I can think of.
(Perhaps the one user that it is working for has different JDE.ini
settings with Security on.....) Just a thought. Maybe others have
comments or thoughts on this as well.

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