Row Security Differences XE to 9.X/


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Probably going to be another unanswerable question (third strike in two weeks?)

We have Row Security turned on for F3111.MCU for a user in XE. The user can do an Insert, even though the F3111.MCU is in the Exclusion (the MCU is in a range where Insert is set to "N"). The Insert is Successful (The Insert happens in a NER/BSFN).

We have identical Row Security setup in a 9.1 environment for a similar user. When the user attempts to do the insert, we get messages returned that the user is not authorized, and the JAZ error that the BSFN failed... and the insert fails.

If we remove the offending range for the F3111.MCU from Security, or we set it to allow Inserts, the insert is successful.

What might I look at in XE that allows the Insert of the excluded MCU, that kills the insert in 9.1?

Is there an integrity report from Q-Soft that might tell us more (yes, we are Q-Soft Secured)?

Thoughts / prayers - greatly appreciated.
Since no one had any response - the simple answer... ask the business if we can kill one of their Row Security, nag until they say yes - then kill a block of Row Security... problem resolved (not solved).

Here is a belated thought. Has the NER/BSFN changed between Xe and 9.1? Was there a bug in Xe that didn't apply the row security to the insert, but that has been fixed during the intervening years between Xe and 9.1.