Row is Entered Problem


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Hi All,
I have a very perplexing problem and hope someone can clear it up for me.
In a Headerless Detail Form ER Row Is Entered I have coded logic that disables or enables the Delete button and enables or disables a cell on the current row depending on a value in the row.
While debugging the event when the row was entered the grid columns had no values to display, even though I know ther had values, and none of the disable logic was activated.
When not in debug the disable logic did get activated. The problem is I need to be able to debug the event and can't if the grid columns appear to the application as null values while in debug.
I have tried erasing the checkout and reapplying the code but the problem still occurs.

Am I wrong thinking when you enter the row the focus should be on the row being entered. Why would the logic work when not in debug but not when in debug?

All the help you guys can give on this one would be very much appreciated.


Bill Feeney

B7332 SP 13.1 Sun Unix Oracle 8.1.6
Hi Lee,
Thanks for the response. I didn't think about using M&D Debug. The wierd thing about the problem is that the ER "sees" the same values as what the debug shows me when I inspect the GC values and executes the code accordingly. When its not in debug the code I expect to executes does(which is not what executes when in debug).

Bill Feeney

B7332 SP 13.1 Sun Unix Oracle 8.1.6