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We have recently implemented the pre-requisite ESU's. After implementing, we noticed that the sequence of our row exits on Work with Shipment have changed. I know that you can change the sequence but it does not keep those settings when the screen is exited. Other than changing security, I'm not aware of a way to change the settings and to save them. Has anyone had any success with this? Our dispatch clerks would like the Confirm Shipment row exit to be moved to the top of the list since this is what they do all day long. Any help would be appreciated.

We're on B733.2. Windows NT. Our users are on thin clients, logging in through Citrix.

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Kelly Read
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To change exit order and keep it, one can modify the form. Object Librarian,
check out, go to Form, Design, highlight the desired form, go to Form,
Menu/Toolbar Exits, highlight the exit desired, up/down arrows appear, use
arrows to move the exit, save.

Dave Mallory Denver Water Denver, Colorado, USA NT 4.0 Oracle
8.0.5 7332 SP 13.3

Sorry, but could you please provide an explanation how to change order of
row exits? Even temporarily?
The only way I know is going to FDA and changing the order of row exits.
This is a minor modification; the only drawback is that it won't survive ESU
related to your object.

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Vladimir Ponomarev
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It's not too easy to change the row exits temporarily. From within a screen, click on File - Preferences - Customize. Click on the Menubar tab. You'll first have to remove it and then add it where you want it. To remove it, find it on the right hand panel. Highlight it and click the arrow that points to the left.

Next, decide where you want it and hightlight the option above it - in the right hand panel.

In the left hand panel, find the option, highlight it so that it shows up in the middle panel. Hightlight it in that panel and click the arror that point to the right. It should move the option to the right panel in the position where you want it.

The system will only keep those settings until you exit from the screen.

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Kelly Read
Chiquita Brands, Int'l.
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Thank you - I've tried your approach in B7332 (SP 11.3) and it worked.
But... I logged out and back in - the changes we retained. It may be due to
SP and or release level, but here is a thought: I've checked, it appears
that OW creates a user override of type HC when you exit OneWorld. If you
check (in P98950, menu gh9011) that you do not have this override, you need
to check if you have "Save settings on exit" enabled in File menu of the
OneWorld Explorer screen. If you already have this record, it may happen
that it was corrupted (does happen sometimes) - then you need to delete it
and create again. Also check of you have these records for user group or
*PUBLIC - they may also be corrupt and require resetting. BTW, it is quite
possible that you already had an override and implementation of Pre-req ESU
made it inapplicable.

Vladimir Ponomarev
B733, B7331, B7332, XE (mostly XE at the moment); SQL 7.0, Oracle 8.1.5,
DB/400 (mostly SQL); Wintel, HP, AS/400 (mostly Wintel)
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Thanks! That worked. I just need to figure out how to do this in Citrix for all of my users. It looks like I just need to log in with the user group ID to do that. Looks like I'm on the right path. Thanks again for the help.

Kelly Read
Chiquita Brands, Int'l
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This is a reply to your suggestion from a few weeks ago. You had suggested that, to change row exits, I use P98950 and add an override. I tried to set these up for my users but have gotten inconsistent results. It works for some users but doesn't work for most of them. I had created the override for my profile and then copied it to my users' groups. It didn't work for *public so I added it by user group. Have you seen this before where the override does not get applied for all users? Any help would be appreciated. My users are on Citrix.

Kelly Read
B733.2 SP 11.2 NT
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Hi Kelly,

Have you checked that does overrides entries exist for the users where *PUBLIC does not work?
If this is the situation then you can consider to delete these personal entries to take effect the *PUBLIC.

Read You Again,

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
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Honestly speaking I have never dealt much with user overrides,
especially these HC ones. I was just interested in idea of rearranging
row exits and that's why I tried it. I have not tried to roll out my
user overrides to any significant number of users.

What I would check in your case: first, I would check if said users have
an override for a specific user including other types of overrides for
this application (sorry if this was obvious). If they do - try deleting

Second thing - I would try copying user overrides with a database
utility (you don't mention your database, it can be SQL Plus for Oracle,
Query Analyser for SQL Server, DFU for AS/400 (or STRSQL), or a generic
solution will be Access and ODBC link, see thread "MS SQL file editing"
for some interesting discussion). Copying user overrides in P98950 had
sometimes inconsistent results for me (read that sometimes it worked,
sometimes it did not).

Third thing - check if this depends on a workstation, or maybe it only
happens in TSE.

Fourth thing - maybe you can try checking debug log and see, what OW
takes from F98950 (I doubt that it will be easy to figure out, it may be
getting this info on signon and caching it), but maybe you'll have some

A word of caution - if changing order of Row exits is important
functionality for you, you may wish to do a minor modification to the
application in question, instead of using a User Override. First thing -
user overrides do not increase stability of OW. Second thing
(re-incarnation of the first) - if you ever have any memory-violation or
other hard to trouble-shoot errors, one of the first things JDEdwards RL
will have you to do, will be deleting all user overrides, and your users
will lose this functionality until the error goes away (may take a
couple of months and service packs). Third, as I already mentioned -
User Overrides do get corrupted, and you'll go on fixing them forever. I
think all this trouble by far outweighs maintenance overhead of checking
all incoming ESU's if they include your application and redoing this
change, if they do.

Vladimir Ponomarev
B733, B7331, B7332, XE (mostly XE at the moment); SQL 7.0, Oracle 8.1.5,
DB/400 (mostly SQL); Wintel, HP, AS/400 (mostly Wintel)