Row Exit Doesn't Exist


Row Exit Doesn\'t Exist

I am programmatically adding media objects to the Routing Master P3003. I am trying to figure out which Application/Form is getting called when a user selects the "Attachments" button from the "P3003 - Enter Routing Information".

I have opened the P3003 application in design mode and selected the "Menu/Toolbar Exits" for the "Enter Routing Information" Form. This SHOULD have a row for the "Attachments" button. All of the other form, row, view exit buttons are represented, but none for attachments.

Why is this????

Andy Bowerman

OW XE B7333


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Re: Row Exit Doesn\'t Exist

Hi Andy,

There is no row exit “Attachments” on B733.2. To see attachment properties you need to click on menu “Form” option “Media Objects Setup…”. Should be the same on Xe.

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Re: Row Exit Doesn\'t Exist

Hi All,

Is there any way to rename Exit Bar from "Attachment" to "Detail Attachment" under Row. I could't see "Attachment" under FDA screen.

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RE: Row Exit Doesn\'t Exist

The hyper-exit is added because of the row media object (I'm sure this is already a 'no duh' for you). The only way to change this is to disconnect the media object (row) attachment, and attach it manually. To do that you would need to add the detail attachment hyperexit and then on Button is clicked call the media command. I forget specifically which command because the last time I did this was when there was no automatic media object connect. But, once you get it working in Button Is Clicked - you'll probably want to copy that code to the Double Click on Row Header event as well. If no one else has the specifics and you still need them after a little exploration, I can probably did up the specifics.

Ben again