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Has anyone had any success in using JDE or an add-on to do route management? In part of our business, we do direct store delivery. We have a number of orders and based on our available inventory and customer location, we'd like the system to suggest the orders that can be placed on a load and to route them in order by location. We've talked to JDE but haven't gotten much of a response either way on this. Any ideas?

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Did you have a look at the advanced transportation module.
This module have the functionality that you are looking for.

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At a former employer, we used the transportation module in B733.1, along
with MileMaker (instead of the JDE support PC Miler), and then used a
program called Load Diagrammer that gave us diagrams of how to load the
product onto the flatbed in order to keep it safe and stable, etc. I am no
longer with that company, but you may wish to contact someone from that
company with questions that you may have. A lot of the integration was
actually performed by consultants through Canopy International. Anyways, you
can email me offline and I can give you an email address or two of people
you could contact for more information.


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A couple of options exist I believe based on the
complexity of your business. Srry but this is not
real world experience just information I have gathered
from working on other projects.

In Xe transportation you can put together some 'loads'
and using some of the stop code information from the
address book create a sequence for these shipments to
be delivered in. You also can disposition the product
at the end of the day if it is treated as intransit
while on the load. This would work ok for smaller
operations that do not need real 'route accounting'.

If you are doing dsd that needs a more robust solution
for the accounting and routing segment there are a
couple of options here also. The partnership JDE had
with Descartes is no longer in existence and Descartes
has spun of their dsd solution into a separate org.
called End Game Systems or Solutions.
I think most people are now looking at a company named
Numeric for