Rounding of Sales Order Quantity based on Standard Carton Qty



I am using JDE v9.10 and would like to know if the system supports rounding of sales order quantity based on item's standard carton qty.
For example, Item A has standard carton qty of 10pcs. A customer requested for 6pcs of Item A. During SO Entry, can I configure the system to prompt a warning message to users to inform them the ordered qty is not in multiple(s) of standard carton qty?

The above should apply to the following scenario too:
Item B has standard carton qty of 5pcs. Customer requested for 8pcs.

If the above is feasible, kindly share how is this being configured.


Olavo Henrique Dias

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I believe the easiest way to accomplish that is to use a different Unit of Measure and let the system handle the conversions.
This is what you could do:

- Setup the Default Pricing UOM on Item Master to be something like "SC" (Standard Cartoon) (or any other thing that represents the Standard Cartoon, like "BX" for Box)
- Create a conversion from SC to EA (PCS) that says 1 SC = 6 EA
- On the P4210 Processing Options, go to tab "Defaults" and modify the "Default Transaction Unit of Measure" to "1" (Pricing)

This would be a 100% vanilla way to do that. If you want a custom warning message, then I believe you would have to customize P4210 (or a copy of it).


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We have the same problem and we put in a mod way back in Xe that we have carried forward to 9.0 and we have even expanded the logic on quite a bit. I would suggest creating a function that calculates your rounded qty since you will probably find, like we did, that you will need this custom rounding in a lot of places other than just sales order entry.

For us users don't want to enter a container amount they want to enter in Qty in EA and then have the system round (up or down) to the EA qty to the appropriate whole container. For us it gets even more complicated but that is the gist of it and we could never find a pristine way to do this the way we wanted.


Thanks, Olavo. Have tried the suggested vanilla way but it is not fulfilling our need. I suppose a customization is required.