RMA Process


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I am new to JDE E1 and I was assigned to improve current RMA process for the company.
I have went through the process and notes and I have some idea about settings.

I want to know is it possible to automate some of the process like creating a credit order based on a reason code in RMA request.

Also is it possible to create multiple credit orders for a 1 RMA for different Business Units?

Just want to add more details into the request. our RMA request comes through online an duses combine the defects and non defects in to RMA request.
But they have a option to select few reason codes. when product recieve we want to recieve in to to branch plants based on defect or non defect and we dont want to go through inspection(which recieving in with adding more explanation in defect branch plant) so the non defect we want to stock derectly to WH by just issuing a credit. all these has to do based on the reason codes an I want to know if we can do this just changing the configurations.